Dados do Empregador:
Referência da Vaga: NO-2019-000027
País: Noruega
Empresa / Universidade: Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
Serviços / Produtos: Education and Research
No de Empregados: 1400
Local de Trabalho: Bergen
Horas Trabalhadas por Semana: 37.5
Horas Trabalhadas por Dia: 7.5
Aeroporto Internac. Mais Próximo: BGO
Transporte Público Mais Próximo: Bybanen
Perfil do Estudante:
Faculdade: Computer Science
Faculdade 2: Programming
Faculdade 3:
Faculdade 4:
Outra faculdade: Computer Programming, Specific Applications
Nível de Estudo: Final do Curso
Study Level: End - (7 and more semesters)
Sexo Permitido:
Experiência anterior requerida: Outstanding student required; This depends on the angle of the project, which may be discussed. Possible angles: - Design and development of serious game based software to improve oculomotor capabilities. Requires interest and competence in serious games
Outros Requisitos: Being used to work independantly under supervision.
Idioma 1: English
Nível de Idiomas: Avançado
Idioma 2:
Nível de Idiomas:
Idioma 3:
Nível de Idiomas: Bom
Descritivo da Vaga:
Tipo de Atividade: Design and development of applications for handling vision problems: Serious games and gamification At HVL we are working with a project using eye-tracking to discover oculomotor deficiencies, and designing and developing serious games and gamification to improve these deficiencies through better identification, and training. These applications are relevant for e.g. patients with various kinds of brain damage which has affected the vision, as well as for discovering children with oculomotor problems affecting their reading capabilities. Within this project, there are several relevant subprojects, and the focus of the IAESTE student may depend on her/his interests. The student should have a computing background, preferably including human-computer interaction, interface or game design or development. Interests in designing and developing technologies for healthcare or pedagogy is appreciated. The student should be at least at Bachelor level, preferrably at Master level, and is expected to work independantly under supervision. She/he should also be able to to programming work. The students may participate in various parts of the project, and IAESTE may suggest suitable candidates for any of them. Possible sub-problems are: 1) Design and/or development of serious game or gamification based software to improve oculomotor capabilities - Investigating types of exercises fitted for training specific vision problems - Investigating various types of games suitable for specific exercises - Investigating the potential of gamification: implementing concrete games for training specific eye movements (based on current, physical exercises) 2) Calibration methods for eye trackers – algorithms, approaches. This angle requires mathematical skills preferably at Master level. 3) Improving the user interface of existing eye-tracking based software. This angle requires interest and competence in UX and UI design.
Semanas oferecidas (mín.): 6
Semanas oferecidas (máx.): 6
Período de: 01/09/2019
até: 30/11/2019
Categoria: Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento
Moeda: NOK - Coroa norueguesa
Bolsa Auxílio: 18000/Month
Refeitório na empresa ou vale refeição: S
Deduções Esperadas: 10-30%
Comentário: All students must have a passport upon arrival to Norway - your ID card is not sufficient. This also applies to European students. For students from outside the EU: Please note that the immigration authorities in Norway take a fee of NOK 5400 (€ 560) for the application for a job permit. Takes 3 to 4 months to get a visa.
Será Providenciada Por: IAESTE
Custo Estimado de Acomodação: 6000/Month
Custo Estimado de Vida Incluindo Acomodação: 10000/Month