Dados do Empregador:
Referência da Vaga: DE-2019-3032-1
País: Alemanha
Empresa / Universidade: Universität Rostock
Serviços / Produtos: Lab Assistant (MRI, Flow)
No de Empregados: 12
Local de Trabalho: Rostock
Horas Trabalhadas por Semana: 35
Horas Trabalhadas por Dia: 7.5
Aeroporto Internac. Mais Próximo: Hamburg, Berlin
Transporte Público Mais Próximo:
Perfil do Estudante:
Faculdade: Industrial Engineering
Faculdade 2: Manufacturing Engineering
Faculdade 3: Mechanical Engineering
Faculdade 4: Mechatronics
Outra faculdade: Robotics; Automation
Nível de Estudo: Metade do Curso
Study Level: Middle - (4-6 Semesters)
Sexo Permitido:
Experiência anterior requerida: Required knowledge in CAD modelling, data acquisition. Desired experience in model manufacturing and experimental fluid mechanics.
Outros Requisitos: Skype interview required. For more than 90 days, Compulsory Letter required from University.
Idioma 1: English
Nível de Idiomas: Avançado
Idioma 2:
Nível de Idiomas:
Idioma 3:
Nível de Idiomas:
Descritivo da Vaga:
Tipo de Atividade: Are you interested in working on a modern MRI system, preparing and performing MRI measurements and joining a young, dynamic team? Are you curious how such MRI system can be used for 3D flow measurements in industrial systems such as engines and heat exchangers? Then this position may be right for you. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is commonly associated with the medical examination of humans. It provides a three-dimensional insight into structures without requiring optical or physical access. In the past decade, this method has found increasing interest in the field of fluid mechanics and has been used to acquire various flow properties such as velocity, temperature and Reynolds stresses. To further optimize and apply these techniques, a unique MRI laboratory was installed at the University of Rostock in January 2018. As far as we know, it is the only MRI laboratory in the world that is specifically designed for engineering applications. The heart of our laboratory is a Siemens 3 Tesla Magnetom Trio whole body scanner. In the past year we performed MRI measurements on several different test cases, e.g. on a scaled stent or a model of a combustion engine. One of our current research projects is to develop a new strategy to measure three dimensional temperature distributions inside a turbine blade cooling system. This project is part of the Federal Aviation Research Program (LuFo). Other research areas are time-resolved measurements and the optimization of medical measurement techniques for engineering applications. In general, we design and build all our experimental setups ourselves. Most of our models are manufactured with rapid prototyping. As a trainee you will be responsible for the preparation of various experimental setups. You will undertake tasks from CAD design, manufacturing and installation. Moreover, your tasks will involve monitoring of flow experiments and sampling of experimental data such as flow rate, pressure and temperature. We expect that you bring a deep knowledge in CAD modelling. You should be familiar with sensors and data acquisition. We expect that you enjoy experimental work and that you are willing take over the responsibility for your own small project. We will provide you with your own work space in an office that you share with other students. Like you, most of these students are working at the MRI flow lab. We believe that successful team work is based on sharing and helping each other. Therefore, we appreciate if you are a social and open-minded person who likes to engage with the team. Only together we can create an efficient and pleasant working atmosphere. We regularly organize after-work activities such as barbecues and other social events where you can get to know your work mates better. If you want to get more information about our laboratory, visit us at:
Semanas oferecidas (mín.): 12
Semanas oferecidas (máx.): 52
Período de: 01/04/2019
até: 01/04/2020
Categoria: Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento
Moeda: EUR - Euro
Bolsa Auxílio: 750/month
Refeitório na empresa ou vale refeição: S
Deduções Esperadas: Variable
Será Providenciada Por: IAESTE Germany
Custo Estimado de Acomodação: 350/month
Custo Estimado de Vida Incluindo Acomodação: 750/month