Dados do Empregador:
Referência da Vaga: CN-2018-CDG-C02
País: China
Empresa / Universidade: Cooperative Design Group
Serviços / Produtos: Architecture
No de Empregados: 20-50
Local de Trabalho: Changzhou
Horas Trabalhadas por Semana: 40.0
Horas Trabalhadas por Dia: 8.0
Aeroporto Internac. Mais Próximo: Changzhou Benniu Airport/ Shanghai Pudong Intl Airport
Transporte Público Mais Próximo: Train/Flight/Bus
Perfil do Estudante:
Faculdade: Architecture
Faculdade 2: Environmental Planning and Design
Faculdade 3:
Faculdade 4:
Outra faculdade:
Nível de Estudo: Final do Curso
Study Level: End - (7 and more semesters)
Sexo Permitido:
Experiência anterior requerida:
Outros Requisitos: Outstanding student required, grades will be highly considered by the employer, student must have a high GPA and solid knowledge on this field. 1. It is necessary for the student to attach the portfolio with this offer to show his/her own understanding and taste in designing. Please also bring your own computer. 2. We prefer simple, stylish elements. 3. Proffered students that can be involved in a whole project during their stay in China. 4. Depending on project needs, students may be required to make short business trips with managers or senior architects.
Idioma 1: English
Nível de Idiomas: Avançado
Idioma 2:
Nível de Idiomas:
Idioma 3:
Nível de Idiomas:
Descritivo da Vaga:
Tipo de Atividade: 1. Assisting senior architects with day-to-day needs 2. The job may involve more designing proposals and modeling than detailed construction drawings. 3. awareness for large-scale architecture. 4. Conduct research and analysis on market environment and current trends 5. Work on designing competitions 6. On-site visitation and analysis 7. Generating architectural concepts 8. Mock-ups and physical modeling 9. Work involving few hand sketching 10. Work involving 2D-design 11. Work involving 3D- design/rendering 12. Assisting with client presentations 13. Attend business conferences and meetings 14. Preparing for presentations and pitchesYou may have chances to work with the following softwares (please be familiar before starting the training): Software including 3D Max; Rhino Sketchup; AutoCAD; Suite (Illustrator, In-Design, Photoshop); and Microsoft Office applications.
Semanas oferecidas (mín.): 12
Semanas oferecidas (máx.): 12
Período de: 10/10/2018
até: 01/01/2019
Categoria: Profissional
Moeda: CNY - Renminbi
Bolsa Auxílio: 2000/per month
Refeitório na empresa ou vale refeição:
Deduções Esperadas: 0
Será Providenciada Por: the employer(The student needs to pay the basic facility fee, eg. gas, water and electricity, etc..)
Custo Estimado de Acomodação: 150/per month
Custo Estimado de Vida Incluindo Acomodação: 950/per month