Dados do Empregador:
Referência da Vaga: AT-2018-6025VI
País: Áustria
Empresa / Universidade: hackabu GmbH
Serviços / Produtos:
No de Empregados:
Local de Trabalho: Wien
Horas Trabalhadas por Semana: 40.0
Horas Trabalhadas por Dia: 8.0
Aeroporto Internac. Mais Próximo: VIE
Transporte Público Mais Próximo: Schwedenplatz oder Nestroyplatz
Perfil do Estudante:
Faculdade: Business Studies
Faculdade 2: Management
Faculdade 3: Marketing
Faculdade 4: Computer Science
Outra faculdade: Web/Multimedia Management
Nível de Estudo: Metade do Curso
Study Level: End - (7 and more semesters), Middle - (4-6 Semesters)
Sexo Permitido:
Experiência anterior requerida:
Outros Requisitos: experience necessary in: SEO, SEM, SEA, Google Analytics, GTM || bonus for experience in: Hotjar, Unbounce, FB Ads, Adwords, Taboola/Outbrain, other growth hacking tools
Idioma 1: English
Nível de Idiomas: Avançado
Idioma 2:
Nível de Idiomas:
Idioma 3:
Nível de Idiomas:
Descritivo da Vaga:
Tipo de Atividade: We are looking for passionate, devoted individuals, who are willing to learn and teach, above all. Your responsibilities: Google Tag Manager implementation, Design and optimization of the data collection process in our projects,Data collection & analysis. In the future, you will get to come up with ideas for tools that you think might be fun for users, engineering as marketing - so you will build and test them. You: Have finished a degree in computer science, Are primarily passionate, Are data driven - analytics is your jam, Are experienced in some way in front-end coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).We communicate in English, but proficiency in German is a bonus. The ideal candidate:has excellent communication skills; strives to achieve results; analyses everything; knows how to work within a budget (also timewise);We offer: Knowledge and experience: Our team is international and works in different ecosystems around the world. Each of our growth hackers is specialized in different topics (as T-shaped marketers). Together we comprise expertise in 20 traction channels. Passion and growth: Our drive is our passion for growth hacking, innovation and the everlasting desire to see growth in ourselves and everyone around us. Start-up environment: Vienna offices in the middle of the start-up scene with public transportation nearby. You'll want to work with us just because of the office ;)
Semanas oferecidas (mín.): 8
Semanas oferecidas (máx.): 16
Período de: 01/04/2018
até: 31/12/2018
Categoria: Profissional
Moeda: EUR - Euro
Bolsa Auxílio: 1000 per month
Refeitório na empresa ou vale refeição:
Deduções Esperadas: 20%
Será Providenciada Por: IAESTE
Custo Estimado de Acomodação: 450 per month
Custo Estimado de Vida Incluindo Acomodação: 750 per month