Ricardo Limpias

Comercial, no Hotel Fazenda Village Montana

São Paulo, Brazil

Setembro a Dezembro de 2010

My experience doing an internship in Brazil for three months was great, I knew a lot of kindness people, I learned a new language and the great brazilian culture. I had the opportunity to work in a beautiful hotel were all the employees were so great with me.

In those months I learned a bunch of things that will help me in my professional path, like how to have a good administration in a company, and how to treat customers.

The experience in Brazil was my second opportunity to work outside of my country and my conclusion is that is beautiful to know new things, to know how human being is so great no matter which are they nationalities, their language, their colors, we’ll are the same, the same fears, similar ambitions. Those months in Brazil, was so helpful to create my life path. I hope in the future more people want to do and international internship, because it’s a great way to open your mind, and to get more things about life and the world.

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