Petra Janská

Chemical Engineering

Czech Republic

Agosto à Outubro de 2016

I worked on the project: " Development of cosmetics - test of stability, quality control (physical, chemistry), sensory analysis and SPF evaluation. In the first place, were prepared sunscreens with different types of Brazilien biodiversity oils. All samples were exposed at different stress conditions with aim to measure the stability of sunscreens during the time. Afterwards, SPF evaluation, viscosity measurement and pH were used for evaluate stability of sunscreens.

I would highly recommend an internship in Brazil. The lives and the work are very different from those in Czech, which has many experiences. We were warmly welcomed by the Brazilians and through the open nature of the people one can quickly find connections and feel at home. A tip is to learn Portuguese. An A1 course helps to get around in everyday life. If you can do more, of course, the chatting is even more fun. Anyone who can speak Spanish is clearly in the advantage.
Especially by living with Brazilians and working with Brazilians you get the daily life very well. The greatest experience was for me to experience the different way to life. More the everyday experiences than the tourist attractions will surely remain in my head and have shaped me and my personality. I have not only learned about Brazil and other people, but I also got to know myself better

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