Jussara Teles

Eng. Civil - CEFET


Janeiro a Março de 2011

Many people asked me why I have chosen Zagreb to do my exchange trainee programme and my answer was: It was my only option during the winter. But after 12 weeks living there, I felt so pleased and grateful for having taken this opportunity to know and live in Zagreb. I met friendly students, dedicated IAESTE members and excellent colleagues from the job. The Croatian language was not a problem, I could communicate in English with almost everyone. The city´s landscape is lovely and cozy even during the winter, which paints houses and trees with white snow that I have never seen in my country.

So, I got back to Brazil and graduated in Civil Engineering, four months after my experience in Zagreb. Now, I am working in the second biggest shipyard in the world, in South Korea. I am sure that my amazing experience in Zagreb made the difference and I was able to get this challenging job abroad. I would love to go back to Zagreb to enjoy the city during the summer season.

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