Jevgenija Ivanova

Lanza Arquitetura, Goiânia - Brasil


Maio a Agosto de 2011

I have spent 3 months living and working  in Goiania, Brazil. I was hosted by brazilian family, with an amazing hospitality, they were taking care of me, as I was a part of the family. I was working in architecture office, where work about 5-6 other people, mostly all are young. The work was interesting and challenging for me. I definitely learned a lot of new things and made a good friendship with the colleagues. The Portuguese language I have learned quite quickly, so I had no problems with communication.  Brazilian life out of work was full of events – concerts, parties, watching football in the stadium, travelling to other cities, to swim in the waterfalls or river with hot water, and this all with local people, who are very friendly and very curious about foreign cultures. I have tried tons of new and delicious food, lots of fruits, about the existence of most of them I was not aware before, and of course meat, rice and beans almost every day! There were also some adventures – like swimming in the lake with piranhas, hitting papaya fruit from the palm tree, I visited Brazilian wedding and of course learned how to dance samba.

I fully enjoyed this experience, the time I have spent there and all I gained - educationally and emotionally!

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