Heitor Mattos

Eng de Controle e Automação - UNESP


Agosto 2009 a Julho 2010

Work experience report

My name is Heitor Dasilva-Mattos and I am a Brazilian student in “Control and Automation Engineering”. Currently I am enjoying one year at Alstom in Switzerland organized through IAESTE (International Association for Engineering Students Exchange). IAESTE is an international network in over 80 countries and more than 1200 universities and provides the most qualified candidates to organizations like Alstom. The process is as easy: Alstom sends open positions to IAESTE who then takes over pre-recruitment/pre-screening at the targeted key universities. The suitable CVs are sent to Alstom for the final selection. It is of great value for Alstom to be partner of IAESTE, which is taking over all administrative issues (as visa, work permit, accommodation and pick up from the airport)

Here at Alstom I have had the chance to work on the fuel distribution system of a gas turbine. At the start the work was quite challenging but thanks to the support of my colleagues and manager I have been able to grow into it.

Such an internship is not only for the challenging engineering work recommendable but also for the opportunity to improve language skills and meet people from all over the world. I got to know most of my friends at work or at social activities whom are arranged by IAESTE.

A number of my friends here at Alstom are working in various fields, including thermal fluids, turbine design and performance. For example, one friend from India is working on increasing the lifetime of a gas turbine. None of my internship colleagues are looking forward to leaving Alstom and returning home to study!

In addition to the great experiences here in Switzerland, I am convinced that this year abroad will greatly enhance my professional career. I would like to thank Alstom for this opportunity and I am glad to have taken on this challenge.

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