Gabriela Laura Frias Goytia

Psicologia - Universidade Estadual Paulista


Fevereiro a Março 2011

UNESP University is great; students have many activities to do there. What more can I say about Brazil? First of all, this country is awesome. People here are really friendly and kind; they helped me since the first time. Second, Brazil has a lot of cultural values like music, dances, etc. I learned how to dance “forró” and I was part of a Sambas School called “Villa Operaria”. Believe it or not, my picture was in the newspaper J . Also, something that I’ll miss a lot is Brazilian food, for me is the most delicious that I’ve never tried before. As a conclusion, this experience is something that I’ll never forget and I’d really like to come back one day. Thanks for all Brazil!!!! Beijos

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