Ana Djuricic

Engenharia Civil - IFSULDEMINAS (Inconfidentes)


Março a Junho de 2012

Everybody knows that Brazil is country of Carnival! I really wanted to come here and feel that atmosphere of dancing nation! :) I'm also a lover of sea and I'm a fan of looking at the horizon so I wanted to feel atmosphere when the sun disappear (sunset), guaranteed romantic moments...Carnival is one of the things that make Brazil unique and known all over the world.  Almost everyone also knows that Brazil is the country of soccer,  beautiful beaches, coconut and of one of the 7 wonders of the world, the statue of Christ. But Brazil is much more than this.

Brazil is a country that celebrates life and for this reason we, indeed are the country of Carnival, but as an exchange student I'm amazed by the incredible variety of folklore and popular local festivities and with the spontaneous and contagious happiness of these events.

Don’t take me wrong:  Brazil is not only about parties. Brazilians like to play but they also work hard. They have a very rich and productive agriculture and they are a large producer and exporters of fruits, coffee, sugarcane, cocoa and grains. Their industry is also very active producing from software to satellites. Brazil is country of future! Today, Brazil economy is on the rise. Blessed with an abundant natural resources, Brazil has become the most powerful country in South America in economic terms and thus is leading the other countries of South America. With large and growing Agricultural, mining, manufacturing and service sectors, Brazil economy ranks highest among all the South American countries and it has also acquired a strong position in global economy.


I accepted challenge. Because I wanted to discover a totally new environment and to force myself to face the unknown to build my confidence in new situations. Now I realise there is nothing too difficult or scary in this world to face.

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